The Magic is Back!

Strategik presents SANCTUARY 6, on the weekend of June 15-17, 2018. As a wave of transition washes over us in 2018, Strategik is delighted to announce that a new adaptation of the Sanctuary Campout is almost upon us. We will embrace the beautiful town of Pulga as the setting for our magical getaway, driven by intention and stimulating activities, restorative treatments, enlightening workshops, and of course THE MUSIC. You can expect to start your morning with a glass of champagne after a relaxing massage, before embarking upon a carefree river float with your best friends by your side. Engage in a sunset yoga session before gearing up in your coziest and blinkiest nighttime attire to enjoy a captivating nightlong musical journey. While our Krew spends the coming months planning the best Sanctuary yet, we invite you to spend that same time contemplating what piece of your own magic to bring and share with our community.

We deeply believe that Sanctuary, and events like it are an invaluable function of our community. These gatherings are a way for us as a community to connect, and to create, amongst one another. Sanctuary is a celebration, one of love and of life, a congregations where we expand our thoughts, ideas, and emotions through creative design and a unique artistic vision. As a community we are able to grow and progress, not simply by creating a magical space, but by developing a platform in which everyone can come together to dance and create magic. Connecting through the music, our universal language allows us to transcend the stresses of our constant, over-stimulating environments. So here we are, once again, preparing to embark on another adventure that will stay with us forever, within our hearts, within our souls. Please join us once again, as we dance and connect with nature.