The Magic is Recharging for 2020!

Strategik will be back with a greater, stronger, and more devotional SANCTUARY in 2020. Until then, pour yourself a glass of bathtub mimosa, sit on your front steps, and scream like an imprisoned banshee at anyone who passes – anyone who even DARES TO GET NEAR. GAH!!! WHO DARES DELAY YOUR SANCTUARY. Don’t worry. We are getting to the bottom of it. Just make sure to finish that bottle – vodka goes bad onces it has been opened!

We deeply believe that Sanctuary, and events like it are an invaluable function of our community. These gatherings are a way for us as a community to connect, and to create, amongst one another. Sanctuary is a celebration, one of love and of life, a congregations where we expand our thoughts, ideas, and emotions through creative design and a unique artistic vision. As a community we are able to grow and progress, not simply by creating a magical space, but by developing a platform in which everyone can come together to dance and create magic. Connecting through the music, our universal language allows us to transcend the stresses of our constant, over-stimulating environments. So here we are, once again, preparing to embark on another adventure that will stay with us forever, within our hearts, within our souls. Please join us once again, as we dance and connect with nature.