Arrival & Rideshares



If you were really green you would have walked.


There will be NO ONSITE PARKING at Pulga. Instead we will be parking all of our vehicles on private turnouts on Highway 70 just across from the venue. We are then going to shuttle everyone along with all their things to Pulga. Please, follow our step-by-step arrival plan and the load-in/load-out will be smooth sailing. Of course that also is dependent on everyone’s ability to take direction, and work together. Yay!!! Teamwork!!!


STEP 1 : Plan ahead for the timing of your arrival. The gates will be open on Friday from NOON – MIDNIGHT, and Saturday 10AM – 6PM. You will not be allowed in, outside of the gate hours. In the event you need to contact us about arrival please email

STEP 2 : As you leave home, set your map to Rock House Dining 11865 CA-70, Yankee Hill, CA 95965. Once you reach the diner call Pulga Town at (530) 534-1096, and let us know that you’re on the way. This is one of the last places you will have cell service. If you do not get though, or no one answers, go directly to STEP 3.

Pro Tip : this is a good place to grab food if you’re hungry.


STEP 3 : From Rock House Dining head north on CA-70 for 6 miles, at which point you will arrive at a bridge. The turnout is located directly after the bridge on the left side of the highway.  Once you pull into the turnout you will see the waiting area. Stay there until the shuttle arrives, if it is not there already. Please, do not unload your belongings until you talk with the shuttle or parking coordinator. They will help you park and unload.

STEP 4 : The shuttle will take you, and all of your gear into Pulga Town. You made it!

Need a ride?

Have an extra spot in your car?

CLICK HERE: Sanctuary 2018 Ride Share

Sign-up at the link above to our ride share tool and connect with fellow campers on our Ride Share Board. WE REALLY WANT TO ENCOURAGE CARPOOLING TO THE EVENT! We cannot stress this enough. There will be NO ONSITE PARKING at Pulga. Instead we will be parking all of our vehicles at an offsite lot, just a stones throw from the road to Pulga. We will then shuttle everyone along with all their things from the parking area to beautiful Pulga Town. As it is with most things, no matter how well we plan, it is your mindfulness and cooperation that will really make our entry and exodus smooth sailing!

Map below to where you meet the shuttle