Survival Guide

 Survival Guide

Survival Guide

We are all so excited for Sanctuary 6!

ARRIVAL PLAN – Link to very important arrival directions



FRIDAY: Noon – Midnight

SATURDAY: 10am – 6pm

You will NOT be let in when outside of gate hours.



Pulga is located off highway 70 at the border of Butte and Plumas county; 20 min from Paradise and Oroville, 30 min from Chico, 1.5 hours from Sacramento, and 3 hours from San Francisco. Long forgotten for decades, Pulga is in the midst of a renaissance.  Honoring over a century of rich history, this picturesque town is once again ready for relaxation, adventure, and exploration. The town of Pulga is ready to provide you with a memorable experience. But remember, do not drive straight to Pulga Town. There will be no cars cluttering up the space, instead we are all parking at an offsite lot minutes away from the venue. This is where you will also be checked-in and credentialed before being shuttled to the event. Everyone follows this simple plan and we are looking at the easiest ingress of all time!


DAY : Bring whatever you need to stay cool and not burn! Efficient camp gear, sunscreen, hats, shorts, bathing suits, misters, FLIP FLOPS, towels, etc.

NIGHT : You can expect it to get cold at night, so get ready to bust out your playa coats, and as always, lots of layers are the keys to thermal regulation. Remember your Cub Scout training, and Be Prepared for all temps!


The Union Pacific lines run through Pulga Town at the end of the road, and then can be very dangerous. The lines are active at all hours both day and night, without a set schedule, We all need to be sure to stay clear of the lines at all times. This part is extreamly important, for both all of our safety as well as for the success of the event. Anyone caught walking on the tracks could cause the event to be shut down. Take a minute to really let that sink in. Stay off the tracks or you could be the guy that gets us shut down. Don’t be that guy. And help your neighbor from being that guy as well. It cannot be stressed enough how VERY seriously this needs to be taken by everyone!


Over the years we have seeked out many venues, of all different shapes and sizes. There is always one thing that they all share, and that is a direct connection to the four classical elements; Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. This year we find ourselves in a forgotten, magical town on the shores of the Feather River, where we can enjoy the cleansing, refreshing waters, so bring your bathing suits and grab your floaty toys!  And remember, there is NO GLASS of any kind allowed in the water areas, so stock up on those tall boys, or fill your water bottle with Grog. Because on Saturday the beach will be transformed into Chilligin’s Island, where the SPARRRKLE Pirates go to play!


Unfortunately, our new venue does not offer onsite parking for cars or RVs. Instead we will need to park all our vehicles offsite, and shuttle all attendees with their gear to the venue. We will be able to transport everyone with their camping gear from the offsite parking to a central drop off point in the venue.


When you arrive onsite a volunteer will be there to greet you, answer any questions you may have, and help get situated in the designated camping area. There will be carts at the drop-off point to help you get all your gear to your campsite. The volunteers are there to help you wherever they can. Here are a few golden rules to follow when setting up camp:

Don’t be afraid to get close to your neighbors — Leaving too much space between tents quickly dominos into a lot of wasted space.

The road is not for camping — I know this sounds obvious, but you would be surprised. Keep your camp off to the side of any roads.

The lighter you pack the easier it is to schlep — You will not be able to drive onto the venue, so the less you bring, the easier to get to camp. There will be food vendors selling meals onsite for the duration of the event, so take that into consideration before you stat loading up your kitchen to bring with you.


YESS B’s Curbside Diner will be onsite, vending both brunch and dinner, for the entire weekend. This means that you don’t need to bring provisions for the weekend from home. This will significantly lighten your pack-in load, as well as reduce the amount of rubbish you would have to take home with you. Not to mention, Yess is an amazing chef, and comes up with delicious menus, providing options for those with dietary restrictions. We encourage everyone to bring reusable plateware and help reduce waste. We will have wash stations for your dishes.


FRIDAY DINNER ——— 7:00PM – 9:00PM



SUNDAY BRUNCH ——– 10:00AM – 12:00PM

SUNDAY DINNER ——— 4:00PM – 6:00PM

Of course grilling may be an important part of your campout experience, in which case we got you covered as well. Just be aware that you are only allowed an open flame in the designated BBQ area. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE, THEN YOUR PROBABLY IN THE WRONG PLACE. Any crew member can help you locate the designated cooking area if you have any questions.


BRING A CUP & A WATER BOTTLE. You can find water stations onsite where you are able to refill a canteen, and if you want a drink from the bar, we are only asking that you bring your own cup. We are NOT stocking the bar with any disposable cups, so come prepared, or make a friend that is extra prepared.


This is a Pack In / Pack Out event.  We are NOT supplying trash receptacles. This means that you are responsible for getting everything you brought onsite, back offsite when you leave. Keep in mind how much waste and packaging you are bringing as you pack up and you can start shedding garbage. If you buy food from the onsite vendor you will significantly reduce your rubbish footprint as well. Seriously, plan accordingly and only bring with you what you will take home with you! And there is  Thanks for your help!


The designated paths between the main areas will be lit at night, but we all know how awesome it is to have LEDs incorporated into your outfit! So if it’s your thing, then by all means, go on and light yourself up like a little Gloworm! Don’t forget about your campsite, The difference between a blacked out campsite and a well lit one is, well… Night and day.


There will be designated smoking areas. Please do not smoke outside of these areas, and put out all butts out in provided designated receptacles or your own ashtray (empty Altoid cans or film canisters work great). The fire hazard is no joke, and we will be strongly enforcing the smoking rules. You will be asked to leave if you break them.


We can’t say it enough: It is high fire season. Absolutely NO FIRES allowed in camping areas. Please only smoke and cook in the designated areas.


There are Porta-Potties throughout the venue. There are also several outdoor showers for everyone to share. However, coming with a personal solar shower will guarantee that you won’t have to wait in any potential lines to freshen up.


We will have a live, interactive art area with lots of paint and brushes. Paint and brush contributions are always welcome. MORE INFO TO COME.



    • Sport your craziest doo, rock your fanciest wig, wax up that facial hair you’ve been working on all year. We are gonna celebrate your head mop, be it synthetic or natural!


    • The Disko Pirates of Chilligan’s Island are up to it again. This time they are taking over the beach to kick off SPARRRKLE Saturday with an epic river party that will have everyone ARRRing like a pirate! Followed by an evening of sparkles. Decorate yourself as you see fit!
    • A night to shine!


    • Sweat bands, tube socks, and spandex are all highly encouraged all day, regardless if you are able to make the run or not.


Look for crew members wearing lanyards with blinky LEDs. If you have any questions or run into any trouble, do not hesitate to ask one of them for help.


We have an EMT staffed onsite, and on-call throughout the weekend. While there is no question that we will be in good hands, and surrounded by friends and family, we should also make a habit of looking out for one another. You know, just in case someone decides to let safety slip down past it’s usual third place.


There is a strict NO DOG policy at the venue. Please help us respect the rules of the venue, and get a dog sitter for the weekend. Even the best dog owners need a vacation from their four legged friends. Embrace the freedom and party with the humans!


If you are bringing your young kids to Sanctuary we want to connect with you prior to the event. Please email: so we can know who will be there and add you to the discussion about creating the best experience for you and your children at the campout.


Our goal is to create an amazingly safe and positive event. It’s up to all of us to do our parts, both as individuals and as a collective, in order to make this happen. Please, please, please respect our surroundings, all of the lovely people around us, and never overlook yourself. If we are able to do just those three things consistently then our goals are achieved.

Keep an eye out for each other, and for the environment around us. Know that any behavior deemed disrespectful to the property, or jeopardizes the safety of anyone in attendance, including yourself, will NOT be tolerated. We are jumping out of our skins with excitement for this year’s return of Sanctuary, so let’s do all that we can together to make event one for the record books! Nothin’ but LOVE baby!!!